Fall Bulky Waste Clean-up October 14

Bulky Waste Pick up Guidelines:

Waste Management has agreed to the following terms for collecting bulky items during our community cleanup. On these days the contractor WILL pick up furniture and other items not considered to be normal residential garbage, refuse or recyclables small hand tools and small appliances. This pick up DOES NOT include remodeling or construction materials. Large appliances (Microwaves, Stoves, Fridges, Dish Washers, Washing Machines, Dryers, Air conditioners, De-humidifiers) WILL NOT be picked up on these days.

Carpeting and pads need to be cut and bundled in rolls that do not exceed 60 pounds in weight. Small furnishings are acceptable if they are within the weight restriction (the truck is comprised of a one person crew, so items must be able to be lifted by an individual). NO item should exceed 50 pounds.

NO appliances with refrigerants will be picked up including: air conditioners, dehumidifiers, or refrigerators (see below *). NO solvents, liquid paints or liquid stains will be collected.

Small amounts of latex or oilbased paints can be set out if the contents have dried completely. Please remove the lid so that the contents can be easily verified upon pick-up. If can is too full to dry they ask you to put cat litter in to absorb. NO Motor oil. NO automotive tires are acceptable. NO e-waste, electronics. NO yard waste.

Items that are restricted on this list can be picked up if special arrangements are made and the following fees are paid:

• Large appliances (See above), including those with refrigerants, can be picked up for a fee of $50, on Fridays.

• Large furniture items exceeding 50 pounds or too awkward for one person to lift can be picked up for a fee of $25, on route during Monday pick-ups.

Please call Waste Management at (608) 276-1250 to arrange special pick-ups This clean up is for Town of New Glarus residents ONLY. Disposal of waste brought from outside the town is PROHIBITED.

Pattie Salter, Town Clerk