Notices of Assessment will be mailed September 27, 2022

Associated Appraisal Consultants have wrapped up their fieldwork in the Town of New Glarus.  They will be mailing Notices of Assessment on Tuesday, September 27, 2022.  The notices will show your prior year’s assessed valuation and this year’s assessed valuation along with the total change in value.  Please keep in mind that last year’s overall assessment ratio was 75.42% of market value, so the goal is to bring every property to 100% of market value.  A revaluation does not allow the Town to increase taxes.  Instead, new construction (minus any property removed due to demolition or loss) is the means to increase the levy.  

The 2022 Municipal Levy for taxes paid in 2023 is currently estimated as $880,343.  The local levy will not be known until the Statement of Merged Equalized Values is released by the Department of Revenue on October 17, 2022.  The total levy will not be known until all other taxing jurisdictions have set their levy and the School Tax Levy Credit value is known.  This is typically in mid-November of each year.

Open Book is scheduled for October 10, 2022, starting at noon at the Town of New Glarus Hall, 26 5th Avenue in New Glarus.  To schedule an appointment, please call Associated Appraisal at (920) 749-1995.

Board of Review is scheduled for November 1, 2022 starting at 4:00 PM with an anticipated adjournment at 6:00 PM.