Absentee Ballot Requests and Dog License Reminders

There are two scheduled elections in 2023: the Spring Primary on February 21, 2023 and the Spring Election on April 4, 2023.  Notices are posted on this page.  If you will be away during one or both elections or prefer to get your ballot by mail, there are many ways to request those.  If you are currently registered and have an acceptable proof of identity on file (e.g., Wisconsin-issued driver license or U.S. Passport), then you can request a ballot by emailing the Town Clerk-Treasurer with your name, address, and for which election you are requesting a ballot.  You will want to be mindful of the deadlines to request a ballot by mail, or to vote in-person absentee, by checking out those dates in the Type E Notice.   My Vote WI is another method to register to vote/upload proof of residence, to request a ballot/upload proof of identity, and to check on the status of your issued ballot.  If you are a paper and pen sort, you can fill out voter registration or absentee ballot form in the Clerk’s Office during regular office hours: Monday through Thursday, 6 AM until 2 PM.  I will be on vacation from January 20, 2023-Janauary 29, 2023.  The mail slot on the front of the building will be open until ballots are mailed on January 31, 2023, when it will be sealed to prevent the return of ballots when the Clerk is not present (which will result in the inability to count them).

2023 dog licenses have been available since late November of 2022.  The application form can be found here.  Please complete the form, include the vaccination information (it must include the name of the pet, the breed, the color, the date the rabies vaccination needs to be renewed, the name of the clinic that administered the vaccination, the manufacturer of the vaccine, and the serial or lot number of the vaccine), and payment.