Parks Commission

Whether you are a current resident of the Town of New Glarus or a visitor we welcome you to the rolling hills, wooded valleys, and spectacular scenery of our portion of Green County.  This website is designed to provide you with information regarding the natural beauty of our area and the work we are doing to preserve and restore our native habitat and identify recreational opportunities.

The Parks Commission is active in a number of activities in the community including; donation and planting of trees for Arbor Day, restoration of the Blue Bird Ridge Conservancy, annual tree sales program, and identifying location and implementing a walking trails.  The Parks Commission has also offered a variety of programming and workshops including:  Birding and Conservancy, Barns and Barn Renovation, Bats and Tree Species, Bluebirding in Wisconsin, Conservation Planning, Pre-Settlement History of New Glarus, Settlement History, Native Plant Species, Restoration of Native Plants, Rain Barrels and Rain Gardens, and Preserving Your Driftless Area Family Lands.

Currently the Parks Commission is working to restore a native prairie and oak savannah.  The five acre parcel continues to be cleared of non-native species with herbicide application, cutting of woody invasives, cutting of large invasive trees, and several controlled burns.  In addition they worked with the local Boy/Cub Scout groups to place bluebird houses and a bird blind, for bird viewing, in the conservancy.  Another project is to continue the wonderful trail system that we have in our area to encourage non-motorized transportation and recreation within the rural portions of our community.

We hope you use this site to learn more about the Town of New Glarus and the many natural and recreational opportunities that it offers to residents and visitors.  Please visit the main Town website at for additional information and resources.

The Parks Commission meets at 7:00 pm each month at the New Glarus Town Hall - 26 5th Avenue. Notices are posted at the Post Office, Town Hall, and Town Garage.


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